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A little about me...


My healing journey

I grew up as a hypermobile dancer and martial artist performing on stages and demo teams.  I had to learn to build resiliency and create a care plan for my body in order to avoid training injuries. After developing post-concussion symptoms and fibromyalgia due to a motor vehicle accident, I was propelled towards an education in kinesiology and health sciences so I could learn how to heal myself and help educate others to move with freedom. 

My Credentials 

  • MSc. Performing Arts Medicine - University College London

  • BSc. Kinesiology and Health Sciences- York University

  • CATA Certified Athletic Therapist (2-4756)

  • BCAK Registered Kinesiologist (2021501) 

  • Athletic Therapist for Vancouver Pheonix Gymnastics, Climbing Escalade Canada and Hive Vancouver's SWARM team

  • Head Athletic Therapist for the National Centre for Circus Arts and the London Youth Circus

  • Anatomy Teacher for the English National Ballet School

  • International workshop presenter and lecturer 


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