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Treatments Offered

  • diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries

  • sports therapy and rehabilitation

  • pre-participation screening 

  • exercise prescription

  • individualized strength and conditioning training programs 

  • manual therapy

  • functional movement assessments

  • hypermobility support (ehlers danlos syndrome)

  • trauma-informed care

  • chronic pain management

Are you wanting to build resiliency before your audition? Struggling with a persistent injury? Looking to understand how to work with your body?

I specialize in helping professionals, students, teachers and all those that love to sing in the shower and dance in the kitchen! 

  • dancers

  • circus artists

  • stunt performers

  • climbers

  • gymnasts/rhythmic gymnasts

  • instrumentalists

  • singers

  • actors

  • production crew members

  • aesthetic athletes

  • athletes

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